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E-commerce packaging design

Rollor is a packaging design company in The Hague that specializes in unique rollable packaging that ensure safe shipments of a variety of items. The aim of this packaging design project was to make a redesign of their rollable garment carrier. This project included, among others: project management, product design, conceptualization, prototyping, product development and visual communication. All summarized in the project report shown on this page.

This new design was called the Rollor X (currently called Rollor Packaging). An e-commerce packaging solution completely made of cardboard. Making it the first rollable cardboard packaging in the world. Distinguished by its hexagonal shape, the Rollor X is fit to ship fashion items crease free and has become an award-winning design.

Graduation Project Report - Rollor Packaging
Rollor X_Packaging design report-1.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-2.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-3.1.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-4.1.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-5.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-6.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-7.png
Rollor X_Packaging design report-8.png
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