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Better tech for a brighter tomorrow.

Brand and website design

Wildfires destroy 40 million football fields of nature yearly, cost 210 billion euros in damages, and increase the threat to our lives. MEJOR Technologies is developing an early-stage wildfire detection system. It is a full-service integrated solution that will improve preparedness, response times, and efficiency in stopping wildfires. We have partnered up with MEJOR Technologies and have developed a suitable, powerful branding and website with custom-made illustrations. Embracing their core message and showing the world the important work that they are doing.

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Mejor Website Iconen_Late Detection.png
Mejor Website Iconen_Slow Response.png
Mejor Website Iconen_Inaccurate Information copy.png
Mejor Website Iconen_Continuous monitoring.png
Mejor Website Iconen_Fast Detection.png
Mejor Website Iconen_Response support.png
Mejor Website Iconen_De-escalation.png
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